Martyn Redstone

Martyn Redstone is a Self-Employed Recruitment Technology and Operations Consultant. My niche within this expert area is recruitment and HR chatbots and conversational AI/automation (hence pplbots… get it? People Bots)

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About me

The brain of an engineer and the heart of a people professional, I tend to look at people-related processes like I can see the Matrix (or that’s what somebody once asked me). No, don’t call me Neo!

My passion, as I have found through trial and error, is to build, fix and improve. It doesn’t matter if it’s things, processes or people.  Through my experience in recruitment, I’ve put that passion to good use by building, fixing and improving people-related processes and companies.

Over the past several years, I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to also do this to myself.  Build my skills, fix my weaknesses and improve the way that I do things. And I am now fortunate to be able to work with other companies and people to help them do the same.

For the last 16 years, I have been on a mission to solve one major challenge:

“Why do recruiters and people professionals treat job seekers and employees like they are a different sub-sect of the human species”

For the last 8 years, I’ve been solving this by implementing consumer-grade technology into their processes and meeting their ‘customers’ where they expect to be met.

Currently, I am consulting with four startups (Hollaroo, AiRecruiter, Jenna and The 9 Month Club) on their product and go-to-market strategy, as well as advising on operational matters.  Aside from my consulting business, I am also building a niche job board (Bot Jobs), curating a weekly newsletter (Own The Conversation) and building a community around both the job board and newsletter, with a series of events starting to be scheduled for 2022.

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My professional timeline:


In 1999, after leaving school at 16, I took up an apprenticeship in telecommunications engineering with Orange PCS. During my apprenticeship, I earned NVQ levels 2 & 3 in Providing a Telecommunications Service as well as a Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

Telecommunications Engineering

After completing my apprenticeship, I continued working for Orange, as a Telecommunications Switch Engineer. Working on the core Orange network. Notable achievements included being a member of the Network Quality 'Top Dog' team, the lead engineer for the commissioning of a new switch in the North West of England as well as lead engineer for emergency service 'blue light' requests.

REED Healthcare and the beginning of my recruitment career

I joined Reed Healthcare, while studying, as an out-of-hours booking co-ordinator and resourcer. After completing my degree, I went on to manage the out-of-hours team where my notable achievements was a restart of the service, creating new processes and team structures which, in turn, improved the internal NPS score and allowed me to commercialise the service, internally.

Special Projects Manager

After proving that I can take a failing team and service and turn it around into a success, I was tasked with working for the Divisional Director to manage all transformation projects. These included technology transformation (online timesheeting), new branch openings and parachuting in to turn around failing/loss-making teams.

Research and Innovation

Having made a name for myself as somebody who can find solutions to problems and implement them, I was offered the opportunity to be seconded to the Chairman's (James Reed) Office to be a part of his small Research and Innovation team. Some example innovations I lead on included the Reed CV builder (online and accessible to the public), a new L&D framework for internal staff, creation of super-hubs and closure of high-street branches and the initiation of a new, proprietary, recruitment CRM system.

reed talent solutions
Public Sector Frameworks Solutions Lead

After my secondment had ended, I took up an interesting opportunity in the Talent Solutions/Consulting arm of Reed, where I looked after the procurement relationships with the public sector and developed and delivered new talent and recruitment solutions to various public sector clients - notably the emergency services, central government and the NHS. I managed a client portfolio that spent (circa) £37M annually and developed innovative solutions that resulted in being the market leader in delivering recruitment services to the emergency services.

G4S logo
Resourcing Solutions - Head of Business Improvement

After leaving Reed, I was approached by G4S to help resurrect their failing recruitment business - G4S Policing and Resourcing Solutions. Initially taking the role of head of sales, it became clear that the very foundations of the business needed rebuilding and my role was re-established as Head of Business Improvement. During my time there, I implemented new technology, new processes and policies and managed the various administrative teams within. I also successfully and single-handily took the business through ISO9001 certification in a very short timeframe (6-weeks). When the business was closed in 2014, I was (unfortunately) the person who had to deliver the sad news to my 38 colleagues that they were all to be made redundant and had one-to-one meetings with each and every one of them. Not the highest point in my professional career, but an experience that I learnt a lot from.

Recruitment Operations and Technology Consulting

After being made redundant by G4S, I started working on recruitment operations and technology consulting projects for various companies. Projects included creating a managed service solution for a BPO to commercialise into the NHS, a workforce optimisation project for a public sector body to reduce reliance on temporary staffing, project management of a high-volume recruitment delivery solution for a central government organisation and a technology implementation project for a workforce management vendor into a global top-5 recruitment business.

roborecruiter logo
EMEA Sales Director and my nerding-out over of chatbots

In 2017, I was offered the opportunity to join RoboRecruiter as their first employee outside of the founding team and first boots on the ground in EMEA. RoboRecruiter is a San Francisco based recruitment technology startup providing chatbots and messaging automation to recruiters globally. From a zero start, I generated ARR of over $350,000 by the end of year 1 and was on target to double that in year 2. Notably, I was noticed as the leading voice in the industry on chatbots in recruitment and became a regular speaker at industry events and networking events.

Recruitment Technology and Chatbot Advisory

Leaving RoboRecruiter after 2 years, I went back to being a self-employed consultant. However, this time I wanted to continue my work in the field of chatbots for recruitment and keep the momentum going on the great reputation that I have proudly built. Currently, I am advising three recruitment technology startups on product and go-to-market strategy, consulting with another on content/thought leadership opportunities and managing a chatbot project for a large recruitment business.

Side Hustling

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was a victim of the reduction in investment into recruitment-related activity that happened across the board and lost my income. As an attempt to solve that, I searched for jobs outside of the recruitment industry, but within the chatbot and conversational AI space. What I realised was that there was not a place where I could find these types of jobs easily. So I created one! I launched in Q4 2020 as a niche job board for all types of roles relating to conversational AI. From tech roles, to sales and creative and everything in between. This is very much a side hustle, but in 2021 it generated over 8500 applications across 1700 jobs. This is something I'm really proud of - built from scratch as a response to a gap in the market that I personally experienced.


2007: A fresh-faced graduate!

👈 there I am! Younger, beardless and carrying slightly more around the middle (thanks to Student Union beer prices). I went to the University of Salford as a (slightly) older student. I started in 2004 at the age of 22. But what did I achieve?.

  • BSc (hons) Computing
  • University colours (check the tie out!) for student representation, student journalism (newspaper & radio) and student interfaith relationships
  • University Vice-Chancellor commendation for leading the student body through a transformation of how they are represented to the University Senior Leadership
  • Countless friends and connections that I still remain in touch with today

My personal life