Chatbots for HR

Automate HR Services and Support

Human resource departments across the planet are undergoing a tremendous shift.

Ever since the words ‘digital transformation’ were first muttered, businesses have been forced to look introspectively and notice something deeply troubling:

HR is struggling to keep up.

Of course, to HR officers, directors, and managers, this is nothing new. The equation is quite simple:

Overworked + understaffed + growing demand – funding

= struggling department

Workforce expectations are changing and this is the final nail in the coffin.

Not only is your HR department understaffed and struggling to reach basic (dare I say, outdated) SLAs, the workforce you serve want more, faster, and easier.

We live in a now society. Driven by convenience. Everything is on-demand and accessible almost instantly. At a click of a button, we can watch the latest movie, get food delivered, or talk to a relative on the other side of the planet.

This expectation of instantaneity is now within the workplace. Employees expect immediate answers to their questions, especially ones they deem ‘easy to answer’.

How can a modern HR department overcome these challenges, ramp up efficiencies, make employees happier and at a reasonable cost?

Over the last few years, chatbots have taken HR by storm. Commonly used as a frontline, employee-facing, service to answer recurring questions; it can solve the equation that we showed above. In fact, an HR chatbot is a powerful, new member of the HR team

By bringing an HR chatbot into your department, you partially solve your

understaffing issue. Not in the traditional (and expensive) way, i.e. by hiring more staff. But in a cost-efficient, future-proof way.

Your new HR chatbot also scales indefinitely, making it the perfect ally as your company grows. It never sleeps, eats, needs a break or makes a mistake.

You can expect to remove up to 43% of enquiries that would usually hit your HR service desk.

Available, accessible, speedy

Chatbots are not just knowledgeable. They are accessible 24/7 to answer questions, instantly. An HR chatbot provides the employees with the experience they already receive in the outside world.

In fact, in the most recent surveys, over 70% of consumers said they prefer engaging with a chatbot than a human because chatbots provide instant answers.

Calculating the ROI of an HR FAQ Chatbot

To calculate the ROI that you can expect from an HR FAQ chatbot, we have developed a chatbot that will do it for you.