24 Hours to clean your candidate data

What is your New Year’s resolution?

Go to the gym? Eat healthily? Quit smoking, alcohol or chocolate? Give money to charity?

All worthy objectives for 2018. How about your professional resolutions?

Get a promotion? Find a new job? Take a new course or learn a new skill?

Again, really great resolutions and objectives to have for 2018.

How about GDPR? Have you made a resolution to re-engage with your candidate database before May? Recruitment marketers, have you made a resolution to finally clean up that old candidate data?

I know that content is now thought of as ‘the king’ when it comes to marketing, but surely data is the one and only true ruler. This is never more evident when one starts talking to recruiters and marketers about their candidate database and they beam with pride — “we have 117,000 Java candidates”, “I’ve got a database of 16,500 SEO experts” etc. You don’t get the same joyous response when asking what their blog readership is like, or how many likes their latest Facebook post got.

However, that pride slowly erodes away once you start asking questions about the validity of their candidate database like:

  • How fresh is the data?
  • When did you last engage with those candidates?
  • How many duplicate entries are there?

The fact of the matter is that most recruiters and marketers are grossly misinformed in regards to the validity of their candidate database.

Bad data kills marketing effectiveness, period. Bad data kills recruitment resourcing capabilities, period. The catch here is that most attempts to gather good data or clean up old data also kill effectiveness.

So what is the answer? How can candidate data be kept clean, fresh, while keeping candidates engaged with your brand (and not disengaging them by sending a 30-question form to fill in to update their profile data)?

RoboRecruiter’s chatbot, Robo, was designed by recruiters for recruiters. Automating the integrity of candidate data is a key and central feature of the platform.

RoboRecruiter’s PALS (Price, Availability, Location and Skills) conversation carries out two main tasks for a recruiter:

  1. Verifies contact information and the validity of email inboxes using an integrated verification algorithm to verify emails as “safe to send”
  2. Once validated, candidates are sent an email and SMS link to the PALS conversation, which updates their critical contact information.

Pretty amazing, right? Well, what’s even more amazing is that our analysis shows that almost 100% of responses are received in the first 24 hours after launching a new conversation. 24 hours!

Imagine that. Updated profiles and an auditable cleansed database in 24 hours. Plus an automated process to keep that database clean and your active and available candidates engaged.

Using a chatbot, your data cleansing and GDPR New Year’s resolutions can now seem a bit easier to stick to (well compared to giving up chocolate).

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